Home Meal Service

What is Home Meal Service?

We visit your house to offer nutritious meals. This is for those of you who want to enjoy healthy meals at your home.

This service is great if you....
Case 1: are a single male or married but both of you are working until late at night.  You
Case 2: always eat out, therefore not eating very healthy.  You are worried about 	metabolic syndrome.
Case 3: want your children to eat nutritious meals as a way of dietary education.
Case 4: want to have a diet with calories in mind in order to	prevent lifestyle diseases


Prior to Service

Step 1: Meeting

After we receive a call from you, we will visit you and explain our service.

Step 2: Trial Service

Trial Service
After we confirm your requests, you can have a trial service. You will see how we provide our service and how it tastes.

Step 3: Contract/Starting our Service

Contract/Starting our Service
If there is no problem with our trial service, we will confirm the schedule so that you can sign a contract.

About our Service

Our menu consists of a staple foods (rice, etc.) and another 3 or 4 items such as main dish, sides, and soup. Our dietitians come up with menus considering nutritious balance.

As for regular services, we will e-mail you schedules and menus for the next month by the 27th of each month.

Let us know what you cannot eat for allergy reasons, etc. Service hours include preparation and clean up.


About our Staff

Our staff are housewives in their 40s & 50s with years of experience in cooking.



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