Housework Agent Service

What is Housework Agent Service?

Housework Agent Service is usual houseworks, as cleaning, washing and cooking instead of you.

This service is great if you...
Case 1: are always working until late at night & are too busy to do general house cleaning and laundry.
Case2: can do general cleaning, but need help on time-consuming chores such as cleaning grease build-up in the kitchen or mildew in bathrooms.
Case 3: want to have your leather shoes and suits in shape as a sales man, but have no time for doing that.
Case 4: host home parties often, but hate the cleaning afterwards.


What is unique about Maestro Service?

For outstanding service.

House chores may seem simple. But it is more profound than people think. Depending on the skills of staff, significant difference can be seen in the results of the cleaning, in particular. We, Maestro, are working hard daily to constantly provide high-quality service. This is our system to ensure that this quality is maintained.

01: Initial Training/Qualification Test

When employed, all of our staff goes through job training for 16 days. In addition to the "classroom lectures" about the service industry, manners, and how to report, they get "practical skill training" which teaches them to do house chores, such as cleaning and laundry, quickly and thoroughly.

After they receive their training, they take the "Qualification Test". We make sure that they can do their jobs with appropriate quality and time. Unless they pass this test, they cannot serve our customers.

Training Curriculum (sample)

Our trainers

02: Cleaning Supplies

We mostly use our customers' cleaning supplies. We also bring our own supplies in order to operate efficiently in a limited time:

  • ・wiping cloth
  • ・water absorbent cloth

  • ・sash brush & mini scraper
  • ・melamine sponge

  • ・all-purpose mop
     (to be left at your home)
  • ・dusting mop

03: Inspection by Supervisors

In order to maintain our quality, Maestro's supervising staff regularly visits customers while our staff is providing service. We monitor in this way to ensure that good service is provided by our staff. (once every 1-2 months)

04: Quarterly Evaluation

Even when our staff thinks they are doing their jobs perfectly, customers may not always agree.

Maestro gets feedback from our customers every quarterly period, so that we know your requests and comments in details. We then get that message across to the staff who works at your house.

The feedback we get from our customers is shared with other staff as well to improve our services.

We also evaluate if the work volume requested by customers can be finished within the time frame. We revise work volume as needed.

We provide service you can trust

Recruiting Method Managing Guarantors Inspection by Supervising Staff

In general, our staff works at your house by oneself. And there may be times you cannot be there. To help you avoid the risks that unfortunately exists, we hire them based on credibility. We also do everything we can to maintain that level of credibility after hiring.

Recruiting Method
When we hire staff, we not only look at their experience and skills in housekeeping, but also their social background including marital status, offspring status, occupation of one's spouse, and the number of years one has lived in her current house, etc.

Managing References
In case we cannot contact our staff, we require them to come up with a reference when we hire. We contact this reference prior to hiring, to make sure that he/she can vouch for the prospective employee.

Inspection by Supervising Staff
In order to prevent dishonest conduct, supervising staff carry out ‘surprise inspections’ after a staff person starts working by herself. By making sure that our staff abides by our security guidelines in this way, we can manage information needed and raise their awareness on security.

Flexible Service Plans

Most other agent services charge customers based on chores. For example, it might be, "15000 yen for 3 places (kitchen, shower room, and bathroom)." Under such a price setting, however, areas to be cleaned are limited. You would always have to worry about the price whenever you change to other plans. It is very likely that you want to clean different places each time. Don’t you wish there were more flexible systems?

Maestro Service charges customers by "time". You can request different house chores each time as long as it is performed within the designated duration. When you will not be at the house, you can simply leave a note that morning with a list of chores you request.

Feel free to extend your time as needed, in case you want something extra. For example, you may want us to change sheets once a month in addition to your regular 2 hours a week-service.


Prior to our service

Step 1: Introduction/Estimation

A sales representative will visit your house after we get a call from you. We will explain our services and precautions, then give you an estimate of time needed to perform the tasks.

Step 2: Trial Service

Trial Service
You will get a trial service after we receive your requests. After seeing our work, we will discuss with you any issues that need to be discussed.
(For example:)

  • How much time is actually needed to perform your requests?
  • Are there cleaning supplies needed?
  • Are you satisfied with the quality of our service?
  • Are you satisfied with our staff?

Step3: Contract

If there is no problem with our trial service, we will confirm the schedule, time, and requested jobs. Then you will sign a contract.


Example Jobs

Male, single, 35 years old,
works for a securities company.
Plan 3 hours/week, Fridays
Floor Plan 2LDK 65m2
Main service floor cleaning, sinks & bathrooms, laundry
Fold dried laundry and put it in the closets. Clean shower curtains once a month to get rid of the mildew. Spray allergy dust on the wall in the pollen seasons.

Female, married with one child, 38 years old,
works for a advertising company.
Plan 2 hours/week, Wednesdays
Floor Plan 2LDK 80m2
Main service floor cleaning, sinks & bathrooms
Our wooden floor is always dirty because my child is a messy eater. Dust the shelves and mop the floor very well because my child has a dust allergy.



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