Storage Coordination Service

What is Storage Coordination Service?

Do you have books and CDs lying all over your floor?

We all have temptations to buy new things. And before we know it, our shelves are loaded with tons of books and CDs. The floor gets so messy with all of these things. Do you have issues like this? We can help you with something simple. For example, we might come up with different storage places. We can also suggest new storage ideas using convenient storage goods or install shelves that suit your taste. Maestro's Storage Coordination Service helps you to make room for "storage" prior to cleaning.

Our service would be great for you if you….
[Kitchen]have a coffee maker, a toaster and a microwave, all on your refrigerator, stacked on top of each other...  have too many condiments and food you don’t need.  Your drawers are so disorganized that you cannot get what you want when you need them.
[Closet]cannot keep up with what you have, and own too many similar clothes in your closet.  You have no clue what to fold or hang on hangers.  Your closet is too full. want to know how you should fold T-shirts and sweaters.  You do not know how to organize accessories such as scarves and belts.
[Living Rooms]cannot keep your living room organized with all the newspapers, magazines, etc.  CDs and DVDs are stacked up in the room.
[Hallway]have hard time organizing your shoes.  You cannot keep them neat and visible, and as a result, you end up buying the same kinds of shoes again and again.



A: Thorough Clean Up Package

We help you clean up using your storage spaces.
You can instruct us to organize or dispose of what you do not need anymore.

B: Storage Coordinating Package

We get storage items according to your needs and tastes.
We help you to install them and place your belongings in them.

C: Interior Styling Package

We design your room, taking into consideration your taste in colors, materials for furniture, and types of lights.


How do we coordinate your storage?

Step 1: Confirming your requests

Confirming your requests
Our Coordinator confirms your requests. Tell us about your problems, how you want your rooms to be, etc.

Step 2: Suggesting Coordinating Methods

Suggesting Coordinating Methods
We suggest some coordinating methods, based on your requests. Putting everything up where you cannot see is not the only storage method. You could place them where you can see and still make them look organized.

Step 3: Selecting Storage Items & Estimation

Selecting Storage Items & Estimation
We suggest storage items based on your requests.

Step 4: Ordering Storage Items

Ordering Storage Items
We decide on and order storage items. Generally, it takes 1-2 weeks for them to come in.

Step 5: Installation and Replacement

Installation and Replacement
After storage items come in, our staff install them and place your belongings inside them. We ask you to help us with disposing of what you do not need.



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