FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are our frequently asked questions. Please feel free to ask us if you have other questions that are not listed below.

About Staff

What kind of staff is going to come to my house?

Most of our staff are housewives who are older than 40.
To ensure their credibility, we recruit them based not only on employment history, but also marital status, whether they have children or own a house, etc. After employed, all of them go through training according to their skills, so that we can sustain equal level of service for everyone.

Is it possible to change the staff that is assigned to me?

If you receive our service when you are at home, we understand that you might get anxious about getting along with your staff. Personal manners are indeed part of our training. However, if you are not satisfied with your staff, we will be happy to do what we can do.

Can I request different chores each time? How should I communicate these requests to my staff?

You can request different chores every time. If you are at home, you can simply tell your staff about your requests. If you are away from home, please make a memo concerning your requests in our notebook.

About Service

What kind of service can you provide?

Basically, we offer most general house chores and we are open to meet your other needs. However, there are tasks we kindly decline. For example, lifting heavy items, tasks in high places, washing expensive clothes, caring for jewelry, grinding and other tasks using special machines, physical care, etc.

What kind of supplies do you use?

We mostly use our customers' cleaning supplies. However, when we think certain cleaning supplies would work more efficiently, we will check with you and bring them.

Can you provide service when I am not at home?

Yes, we can. In fact, a lot of customers say it feels great to come home from work to find everything clean and neat. Staff will be given your key for each appointment.

Does staff answer the phone calls when I am not at home?

No, they don't answer phone calls or doors. If you would like for your staff to receive packages, please let her know the date and shipping company in advance.

Can we reschedule or cancel?

Changes or cancellations can be made free of charge if you let us know by 5 p.m. (within our business hours) of the day before the appointment. For cancellations made anytime after that, you will be charged half of the fee.

About Others

What do I need to know about Security?

If you have any cash or special valuables, please put them away in a desk with a lock or a safe. Rental safes are also available, if needed. We also recommend that you to put away mail that contains private information. Please refer to our Security Guidelines for details.

What about your Compensation Policy?

Should any of your property including house or furniture be damaged, or a family member be injured, we are liable for compensation.
The scope of liability is limited to the acts that are stated on the contract and conducted by our staff within the service time.

How do I pay for the service?

Please choose the most convenient method from below.
1. Bank transfer to our designated account
2. Debit transfer from your bank account
3. Credit Card

How can I cancel my contract?

Your contract is good until we hear from you about cancellation. Please contact us directly.

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